Help INEPE support families in Ecuador!

Help INEPE support families in Ecuador!

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Daphne Resseguier and Catherine Stringer are the organizers of this campaign.

INEPE is a school situated in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador.  They provide education to over 700 students between the ages of 0 and 18, as well as one meal a day. Ecuador has been hit incredibly hard during the Covid-19 pandemic, with over 112,000 cases of Coronavirus and over 6,500 deaths. In response to this, INEPE is working harder than ever and needs your help in order to support countless families and individuals.

Students have access to a broad range of academic subjects, physical exercise and a thorough music program at INEPE. During the pandemic, teachers and volunteers have continued to teach lessons online, and offer mental health support to both students and families. This means that pupils can continue to work towards their final year exams in order to attend university. However, children are now relying on expensive laptops and a good wifi signal to learn and many families cannot afford food, let alone wifi. As a result, many kind teachers at INEPE have individually called students that are unable to access the Internet for academic support. The caring generosity of this school is an inspiration to us all.

What makes INEPE particularly special is their understanding of each individual’s needs. Families who can’t afford to pay for schools fees are given alternative options in order to give their children an education. Therefore, many parents and other family members choose to take time to share their own skills including cooking, cleaning, or supervising young children.

Volunteers are also welcomed into the school community on a regular basis, primarily to teach the students English and other subjects, to work on large projects involving the school and to give the children a better understanding of other cultures.

n addition to this, the school has an expansive, self-catered garden. Both staff and students have participated in the maintenance and growth of the plants whilst at school, learning essential skills and also providing neighbouring communities with access to healthy organic food. This program has been incredibly helpful recently, as students have taught their families how to grow food at home, a cheaper and safer option than the two hours spent queuing for supermarkets in the crowded streets of Quito.

INEPE is so much more than just a school. They are a family, a community filled with inspiring, hard-working and motivated people. Your generous donations will allow INEPE to continue helping children and their families. It will help the students to have an education, food and emotional support throughout this timeRecurring monthly donations would be the most helpful, providing the school with a stable and continuous income, even if it is a little amount every month. We welcome all of you to join INEPE’s community, to raise money for such an important and inspiring cause: the children’s future!

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